Most Call for Price Magento 2 extensions are helpful in the sense that they build towards an equilibrium price by reaching out to customers to discuss pricing over the phone. Yet, why leave it all up to them to do all the work? That wouldn’t be service-oriented. Also, wouldn’t it save you lots of time if the deal could be closed in just a few mouse-clicks, instead of manually transcribing the conversation into a quotation? Meet Cart2Quote’s effortless pricing method.


Call for Price Magento 2 extension done the right way

Closing deals, the easy way

We understand that every B2B company has its own method of sale. And accordingly, that every customer has his or her own shopping preferences. Despite all different practices, there is one common denominator: no one likes to do a great deal of work if someone or something else can do the job for you.

There might be many reasons to remove product prices from your pages. For instance, when prices vary depending on different aspects. If you simply replace your ‘Add to Cart’ button with a ‘Call for Price’ button, then sure your sales managers will be more than willing to provide prospects with up-to-date product info. The question then becomes, does this approach really outweigh the costs? Especially when the pricing procedure can be automated to a great extent.

This is where Cart2Quote’s B2B customer quotation module for Magento comes in. Its principle is as simple as it is effective:

  • Customers submit a new quote request through user-friendly forms. You may enable or disable quotability per product, per customer group or per store view beforehand;
  • When customers call in and request a quote, you start the actual negotiation process from your Magento back-end. Due to the built-in Magento CRM tool one is able to initiate and maintain a two-way communication thread in Magento. Because all correspondence is filed digitally, both parties may request and examine their information remotely at all times;
  • The quotation procedure is very accessible. With the built-in PDF price proposal feature it only takes a few seconds to create a new quote;
  • When customers accept your price proposal, the request for quote will be instantly converted into an order, either by the customer or by the merchant. Checking out is as easy as it gets.


Call for Price Magento 2 extension done the right way

Why 'Call for Price' isn't as effective

There are other reasons why Cart2Quote’s B2B customer quotation module for Magento is more effective than the Call for Price method. Handling customer inquiries over the phone is a costly and time-consuming activity which could be done a lot more hassle-free:

Customer-centric approach

When only applying the Call for Price method, it’s up to the customer to take action. Even though some customers don’t mind picking up the phone to close the deal on the spot, most actually do. Identify with your customers – haven’t you ever felt at least slightly overwhelmed by pushy sales representatives? The vast majority of buyers feels way more comfortable reconsidering an offer for a brief amount of time, before taking action.

As such, Cart2Quote’s ‘Request a Quote’ feature really lowers the threshold for the negotiation process by leaving it primarily up to the selling party to initiate the opening bid or starting price. This service-oriented approach demonstrates commitment towards customers. It provides the easiest way for customers to transact online.

No room for error

Secondly, when calling for prices, there’s a risk of communication errors. With Cart2Quote’s quotation module there ís no room for error. Customers simply request a quote digitally, then merchants reply with a price proposal, which converts into an order when both parties accept. Since both quote request and price proposal are written down, this procedure eliminates potential miscommunication and enhances transparency. Gathering structured and identifiable documentation during the entire quotation cycle avoids right and wrong games afterwards.

No more spreadsheets

Last, imagine all the time you need to spend on transcribing the conversations you have with prospects into quotations. Most likely, you end up spending ages filling in spreadsheets, risking to miss out on all important customer details. Cart2Quote’s quotation module serves as a central marketplace where all communication is stored in one user-friendly overview. It prevents you from doing work twice, since you don’t have to go back and forth between Excel files or other documentation anymore.

Freedom of choice

We do understand that Call for Price features meet certain needs, though. In case you opt for this functionality, why don’t you try Not2Order – a Cart2Quote add-on that comes for free with Cart2Quote Enterprise. With this add-on you’ll be able to hide prices or replace order buttons. That way, you can have both a Request for Quote and a Call for Price button!


Call for Price Magento 2 extension done the right way

Call for Price Magento 2 extension revisited

Doing online business should be pleasant and successful for both store owners and customers anytime. Cart2Quote has been developed to make that happen.

Looking for an alternative for current Call for Price Magento 2 extensions? Meet Cart2Quote’s effortless pricing method:

  • Submit new quote requests through user-friendly forms;
  • Enjoy a full-fletched front-end and back-end experience;
  • Save time by creating and handling quotes in mere seconds;
  • Feel free to enable/disable quotability per product, customer group, store or store view.

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