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80% of our customers only use 20% of the available Cart2Quote features. Not because they don’t need them, but because they’re not aware of them.

Joining hands with the makers

Many E-commerce ventures fail to understand what their Magento webshop is capable of and with a myriad of installed third-party modules, it’s easy to lose track of all available features.

Cart2Quote not only is one extra module in your store but with over 90 thousand rules of code, it is one of Magento's most complex and complete modules out in the market.

Ensure your business profits from all available Cart2Quote features; by joining hands with the makers.

E-Commerce Consulting Services

  • Cart2Quote Training

    Cart2Quote Training

    Unsure if you get everything out of your Cart2Quote module? Want some extra functionality and need advise how to implement this into Cart2Quote. Do you need Cart2Quote to work together with another module or customization? Our consultants can help!

  • Technical Audit

    Technical Audit

    Is your Magento site slow? Need to install the latest Magento security patches? Is your site built to grow and scale? Do you have any doubt about the stability of your eCommerce business? Our Magento certified professionals can help!

  • SEO Audit

    SEO Audit

    Have you seen a drop in your traffic? Have you been hit with recent Google updates? Want to adopt the best practices of using Universal Analytics in combination with Google E-commerce settings? Our certified Google Analytics experts can help!

  • Usability Audit

    Usability Audit

    Do you know that improving usability on your site may lead to increasing conversion rates? Do you know the causes of high bounce rates? Our Magento experts can help optimize your web store to the best practices!

Support by Mail, Phone or on Location

Support by Mail, Phone or on Location

Our consultants can offer support by Mail, Phone or on location. Cart2Quote e-commerce consulting services will prove the single most important success factor for your venture.

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  • LPS
  • Fysio Supplies
  • Groupon

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