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We understand the need of B2B merchants

Whether you want to make Cart2Quote compatible with another module. Integrate Cart2Quote into your highly customized theme, link Quotations to your CRM or ERP system. You name it and we customize it. We work for both end-users and Magento Agencies.

  • Module Compatibility Having trouble making Cart2Quote working together with another third party extension? We solve your module conflicts.

  • PDF customization Not happy with the default Magento PDF templates? We can design a new template from scratch, work with a provided design and integrate it with Cart2Quote.

  • Synchronize Quotes with your CRM or ERP system Salesforce, Sage, Highrise, Oro or any other CRM tool can be linked to Cart2Quote. We have a broad range of working experience with custom CRM and ERP (SAP) implementations.

  • Modifying the Quote Proces Sometimes you just need it to work a little bit different. Whether a quote need to be signed of first or you want to forward new quote requests to your suppliers. We build it.

  • Theme integration Implementing Cart2Quote into a store with a complex theme can be a pain. We managed to integrate Cart2Quote successfully unto over 500 websites. Your theme is in good hands with us.

  • Anything goes Have something in mind that you want to accomplish with Cart2Quote? Drop us a line. We’d love to be challenged!

Here's how it works

We offer Magento custom development services on a case-by-case basis. If you need custom features, extensions, or have other custom needs, we can work with you on a development contract or a fixed price project. (We also offer Full-Service E-Commerce)

  • We'll discuss your needs and determine the options

  • We'll put together some mockups and a write-up on the project for you to review. We'll iterate on this until you're happy

  • You'll receive an estimate or fixed quote for approval

  • Depending on the order value we'll inform you about the payment terms

  • Work will begin on the feature, keeping you informed of the progress

  • Once we've finished, we'll send you the deliverables

Specify your Customization Wishes

A typical customization has a fixed price, but more complex jobs are billed hourly on a contract basis. We will provide an estimate after assessing your needs, as well as regular status updates.

Some work is beneficial to the Cart2Quote repository as a whole, or may be related to something already on our roadmap. In these cases, we typically reserve the right to include the feature as part of the product. The benefit to you is that upgrading to future releases is easier.

If you have a custom development need, contact us with a full description of what you need, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible!

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  • 6Years Leading In Magento Customizations

  • 10Magento Professionals In Our Versatile Team

  • 450+Successfully Implemented Customizations

  • 7500+Magento Quotation Modules Sold

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  • Fast support, within 24 hours

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  • Working seamlessly with your Magento backend

  • Customizations made fast and stable

Attractive and fully customized PDF proposal

For we created a whole new way of sending custom proposals! Depending on location, size and a whole number of other options, customers would receive a custom price proposal in the form of a multiple page PDF.

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Online food ordering and delivery system

For a customer of we made it possible for their clients to choose and order their food online. With the unique options to change the menu and choose the deliverydate.

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Implementing two-way CRM communication

For Visy Industries we extended the CRM functionalities Magento and Cart2Quote offer as a standard. Client contact is key for any B2B company, and Visy is now able to really take it to the next level.

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Full implementation for trade and retail shop

For STSL and Accesscards we implemented the quotation module, integrated Cart2Quote into the the theme design and added new functionality, such as the ability to add extra attachments to the quote proposal.

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