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About usAbout Us

Together we are Cart2Quote and we're a bunch of dedicated Magento professionals. We have over ten years of e-commerce experience in the area's of consultancy, project management, coding and web-designing. We have worked for over 200 online companies and specialize in extensions for Magento B2B webshops. Each extension or customizations we develop is built cost effective and according the highest standards. Our developers are Magento certified and Cart2Quote is an official Magento Industry Partner.

Magento B2BMagento for B2B webshops

As e-commerce projectmanagers working for b2B companies we noticed while working with Magento that though Magento is a very good platform, it had some pretty glaring short comings, the biggest, at least in my eyes was the absence of a good RFQ  (Request for Quote) functionality. The frustration grew when we noticed how close the Magento wish-list came to delivering. It almost works beautifully, however, the inability to tweak this into a nice Request for Quote handler, makes it impossible to customize it so that it meets each user’s needs.  

Why Cart2QuoteWhy Cart2Quote?

The idea of Cart2Quote was born when we were managing a project for a B2B wholesales company. Although the Magento evangelists were bragging that Magento was as good as a B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce platform as a B2C (Business to Consumer) platform, soon we were painfully confronted with the inabilities of Magento to handle some of the B2B duties necessary to do the job well.

Our SolutionOur Solution

Fortunately, you can download great extensions via Magento Connect to modify and extent Magento’s functionalities. Magento itself is a very solid eCommerce platform, it just needs to be customized to be great B2B software also. You can find a lot of very good B2B extensions in Magento Connect. Cart2Quote is now one of them. Cart2Quote helps to solve a myriad of Magento’s lacks, one of the biggest being, the lack of a complete Quotation handler.

Customer Quotations Extension for Magento, easy, complete and skyrocketing your sales. Add powerful quotation management to your web shop.