Ordering & Licenses

Below you find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding ordering and licenses of Cart2Quote products.

1. The Paid versions of Cart2Quote each require a license

For each separate Magento Installation you need a license. This license enables the functionality and possibilities that belong to the Cart2Quote Edition you purchased.

2. Important: Your License key is tied to your Magento backend URL

The license key is tied to the domain name shown in the browsers’ location bar when accessing your store’s admin panel (This is the Base URL of your Default config). This is the domain name you need to enter when ordering Cart2Quote.

3. Extensions purchased with a One-off Price Can Be Used Forever

Once purchased, our one-off paid extensions can be used forever even if the update license has expired. The extensions will continue to work after the license expires, however, you will not be able to get our support, download updates, or move your license between sites. To do so, you will need to extend your license.

4. What Version do I need?

Cart2Quote Licenses are based on the following differences:
  • Number of stores/domain-names
  • Feature sets
  • Update Cycle
  • Support level
  • Purchased as one-off or subscription based

  • 5. Single Domain License

    When purchasing a Commercial version you need to decide which Cart2Quote edition you need. When your store is using a single domain for both the backend and your store’s front-end, the Starter edition of Cart2Quote will be sufficient. If you use Magento in a multiple domain/store environment, you will need at least the Cart2Quote Business Edition.

    6. Multiple Domain License

    When you're planning to use Magento in a multiple domain/store environment, you will need at least the Cart2Quote Business Edition. If you purchase Cart2Quote Business or higher, you do not need to add additional front-end domains to your license. You can add an unlimited amount of store domains to your backend license without requesting a new license. For more information about the Cart2Quote editions, check the comparison-table.

    7. Development, Staging and Test domains

    If you purchase a commercial license you are allowed to enter one or multiple extra (sub)domains for testing and staging purposes. We require that these domains are clearly indicated as being a non-productional domain. e.g. test.mydomain.com, dev.mydomain.com or mydomain.myprovider.com. Bear in mind that if you link your test domain to a domain that belongs to a third party (like your development company), you might lose access to your development license. In that case, you can either purchase a new license or use the free forever local test license that comes with the package.

    8. Switching Backend domain

    In the unlikely event that you changed the Magento admin panel URL. (This is the Base URL of your Default config), you will have to repurchase Cart2Quote as a license is tied to your Default config Base URL. In the following case we can provide an exemption to this rule: The domain name's ownership has returned to an Internet domain registrar or the old domain name has been forwarded with a permanent redirect to the new domain name more than 30 days ago and this is the permanent state. In any other case, we’re unable to change a license link.

    9. Features and Limitation of the Cart2Quote Trial

    The Cart2Quote Trial is based on the Cart2Quote Enterprise Edition. This trial is both suited for online development servers and local development environments. If you decide not to upgrade to a paid plan at the end of your 30-day free trial, the Cart2Quote edition will fall-back to thee forever free edition.

    10. Are the new updates paid?

    All updates that fall within the update cycle are free. Cart2Quote Starter has 6 months free updates, Cart2Quote Business has 9 months of free updates and Cart2Quote Enterprise has 12 months of free updates. More information about updating your module.

    11. License Renewal

    After either 6, 9 or 12 months, depending on your package, to receive continued updates and support, we offer a €200 discount off the extension cost. You may choose not to renew the license and continue to use the extension but without the ability to download new updates and receive support.

    12. What kind of support can I expect?

    All paid versions of Cart2Quote come with free email support and if you own an Enterprise license we can also check your FTP environment and Magento backend when problems occur.

    13. How can I upgrade to a more expensive version of Cart2Quote?

    You only pay the price difference - No new installation or code alteration is required. Read more information on upgrading.

    14. If I upgrade my Cart2Quote version, do I also receive the latest update of the software?

    When upgrading your Cart2Quote edition, additional months will be added to your original update subscription starting date when applicable.
    E.g. You ordered Cart2Quote Starter on 01-01-2016 and you upgrade to the Business Version on 01-05-2020, your new update cycle will end in 01-09-2020 (9 months after your initial purchase)

    15. I have changed my websites domain, what can I do?

    When you own a license higher than Cart2Quote Starter we will send you a new license key. If you own a Cart2Quote Starter license you will have to upgrade to a multi-domain license (Cart2Quote Business or Enterprise) We cannot add a new domain name to a Starter license.

    16. How often are new versions released?

    Cart2Quote releases minor updates about 6 times per year. Major updates are released approximately once per 6-8 months. Technical updates and bug fixes are released as soon as possible, monthly or biweekly.

    17. Is VAT included for European Customers?

    No. VAT tax isn't included in price.
    Upon purchase, all European customers are asked to provide their VAT ID number. If you provide your VAT ID then no VAT charge will be added to the order. Otherwise a corresponding VAT charge will be added to your order. Cart2Quote is based in the Netherlands - all Dutch located companies will be charged 21% tax independent of a valid VAT ID.

    18. I need an Invoice for my order. Where can I get it?

    There is a link to your invoice on the Cart2Quote Customer Dashboard. You may find the link to your Customer Dashboard page in your order receipt e-mail message. Or go to this login page. If you have problems with finding your invoice please send a request via this form and provide your order number and details.

    19. How can we become an authorized reseller of Cart2Quote?

    We're excited about your interest in becoming a Cart2Quote reseller! Please have a look at our partner/reseller program for more information.

    20. If I order a license, will I need to reinstall the software even if I am currently using the trial version?

    There is no need to reinstall the software. After your order is completed your license will be activated automatically.

    21. Developer Version and Open Source

    Our Magento 2 modules do not require decryption software. Only the modules’ license related files are obfuscated to protect license logic integrity. To receive a module version without any obfuscated files, choose the Cart2Quote Developer Edition. This edition is 100% open source.

    When you have any other questions, please contact us

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