Magento - Death of a B2B salesman?

Release notes; always improving our extension for B2B retailers

At Cart2Quote we are keen to keep on improving our products and services. Our goal was, and still is, to provide the best Magento B2B extension to create custom proposals online. We remember the days of our first release, now almost 5 years ago. We were happy and proud. But to be honest, we’re happy that we have improved our products since! Our team of developers works hard to resolve bugs, fix issues, implement customizations, answer questions and improve Cart2Quote as a product and brand.

In this article we update you on a few of the improvements we have made with the release of Cart2quote 5.0. Have a look at the actual release notes here.

Latest Magento Releases

We exist to be the best Magento business-to-business RFQ extension. That’s why we will always support the latest releases of Magento. In our latest release notes we will keep you updated on the versions we support. As we write this blogpost we support up to Magento CE and EE

Making Configurations Easier

We created our B2B module for Magento so our customers could make custom proposals online. We did all the coding and research so that you would be able to get started straight away. However, some customers told us they struggled to set Cart2Quote up themselves, and the way we configured our module didn’t really help them. So, thanks to some of our customers’ feedback, we decided to completely revise the configuration page of our Magento Extension.

Our aim was to make it look and work easier, more intuitive and faster. And we think we succeeded really well! Not only did we revise and redesign the whole configuration page, we also worked hard on all the ‘tips’, the little popup balloons. They now contain better and clearer information on how to set C2Q up so it suits your needs.

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Fixed, Added and Improved Features

Every month we release an improved version of Cart2Quote. Our developers continuously fix bugs, add fixtures and improve the quality of our already high-standard Magento extension.

The last couple of weeks for example, we added ‘support for related products’ to Cart2Quote. This means that when your customer is on a product page, he can now select not only that specific product, but also the specified ‘related products’ to his “quote request”. A huge help in terms of ‘upselling’! Because that is basically what we are all about; enabling you to sell more!

We also worked hard on some of the available translations. Some of our British customers told us that they would really prefer ‘British English’ instead of Magento’s standard ‘American’. We understand! Using the right words, with the right tone of voice, makes a big difference, also online! That’s why we improved the British language files. And while we were working on it, we also improved our Dutch language files. Graag gedaan!

ionCube Issues

Since a few Cart2Quote files are encrypted with ionCube, some of our customers encountered the familiar blank pages of Magento after the installation of Cart2Quote. We wanted to improve our service here as well so we changed some of the files, making it easier to setup and install Cart2Quote.

And whilst we were in the area of encrypted files, we changed some of the workarounds, so that customizations take less time to complete.

Customizing Your Magento Extension

Apart from continuously improving our extensions, we regularly help our clients with customizing our product for their website. We believe our standard products are really good, but sometimes you might need a special feature, a change in the code so that serving your customers online goes even better. We can help you with that.

If you would need more information about customizations, please leave a message here or in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.