Implementing two-way CRM communication

For Visy Industries, we extended the CRM functionalities Magento and Cart2Quote offer as a standard. Client contact is key for any B2B company, and Visy is now able to take it to the next level with new roles, filters and variables!

Another beautiful customization, enabling Visy to serve not only their B2B needs but also enabling their customers to communicate fast and easy. The result? Converting proposals into orders!

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This is how it looks

With our customization, Visy has optimized their Customer Relationship Management. From their Magento backend they can now communicate better with their clients online, cutting costs and scoring orders!

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Tools and Techniques

We handle every customization as a unique project, choosing the tools and techniques that will help us to get the best end results.

“...With Cart2Quote, you get access to top IT talents passionate about technology, design, and eCommerce. We are always on the edge of latest developments in the industry and effectively use them in our work...”

Andrew KneeboneProject Manager eCommerce at Visy

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