Magento + Cart2Quote + Hubspot CRM

Generate leads, close deals & manage your pipeline, automatically from your Magento webshop. With the HubSpot's CRM integration you can grow like a company twice your size while connecting like a real human being.

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Features Hubspot CRM

Use Hubspot to keep track of customers that request a quote from your Magento webshop via the Magento Quotation Manager (Cart2Quote). Use this Add-on to synchronize Quote Request from your Magento with Deals in your Hubspot account.

  • Adding Magento Customers to your Hubspot integration

    Customers requesting a quote via your Magento store will be added as a contact in Hubspot.

  • Assign Quote Statuses to Pipeline Stages

    Assign a Pipeline to the Quote Requests via Magento and link Statuses to Stages.

  • Mapping of Magento Sales representatives

    Hubspot will sync the sales rep assigned to the Magento Quote with the mapped Hubspot User.

  • Sync Magento Quote Requests with Hubspot

    Magento Quotation Requests will be synced automatically with Hubspot by adding or updating an opportunity.

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