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"Since we installed Cart2Quote, it has helped closing our deals much faster. Subsequently, our average monthly revenue grew by 47,8%, accounting for an increase of €115K+ in profits. I recommend this module to all store owners and developers."

Diederk Hermsen, Unbound VR

Diederik Hermsen

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  • Looking for a way to hide prices?Not2Order hides prices and disables ordering on a product per product basis. Learn more

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  • We have tried many quotation plugins and this is the best in the market! Full of detail features and very well implemented. Overall great plugin and most importantly, great support team too! Best choice ever with no regrets!

    Phillip Choong

    Based upon my research this is the most complete quoting system available for magneto stores with dynamic pricing. Module gives customer the freedom of choice to inquire before committing to an order. Excellent!

    Fredrik Tidemann

  • This is an extension that has come into my team's default toolbox for Magento builds. The quoting functionality is more advanced than any other extension for this purpose on the market, and the support tends to be very good.

    Gina Bartlett

    We have used this extension for almost 2 years. Out of the box it gave a professional look to quotes that was severely lacking prior to this. Well done, showing the rest of the community how this should be done. Thank you.

    Andrew Perman

  • Cart2Quote extensions provide the best possible solution for merchants that are in B2B and B2C business. This tool completely solves the problem of hiding catalog prices without much frustration to customers. It also simplifies the proposal sending process.

    Karl Büdding

    Cart2Quote not only meets our requirements but also give us a better path to manage the quote and orders effortlessly. If you are in B2B and seriously looking for customer friendly solution then at-least try Cart2Quote. I bet you will not find better solution than Cart2Quote.

    Rakesh Parsoya

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  • Features and Limitations

    This Trial is based on the Cart2Quote Enterprise Edition. Check out the available Front-end features. This trial is both suited for online development servers and local development environments.

  • What happens at the end of my trial?

    If you decide not to upgrade to a paid plan at the end of your 30-day free trial, your Cart2Quote Enterprise trial will convert to the forever Free edition with limited functionality. Check out the differences between the free version and our paid plans.

    Magento 2

    Looking for the Magento 2 extension? Both Cart2Quote and Not2Order are compatible with Magento 2. Visit our Cart2Quote for Magento 2 Comparison table.

  • Buy a License

    At any time during or after the trial expired you can purchase a license key. Just enter the license key in your Cart2Quote backend. No need to re-install the module.

  • Hide Add to Cart buttons?

    You can combine Cart2Quote with another module, Not2Order, to hide prices and/or add to cart buttons. Learn more about Not2Order

  • Support and FAQ

    Do you have any questions? Would you need help installing or customizing this module? Visit our support page for more information.

  • Explore the DocsStart setting up your store with Cart2Quote to enable Quote Requests. Learn more

  • Questions? Contact usDo you have questions or comments about products or pricing? Please Contact us

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Customer Quotations Extension for Magento, easy, complete and skyrocketing your sales.

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Customer Quotations Extension for Magento, easy, complete and skyrocketing your sales. Add powerful quotation management to your web shop.